Need $25,000-$250,000 With 670+ Credit?

Personal Loans, Credit Cards.


We Work With Clients With A 670+ Credit Score.

12 Years Financial Background working with over 70+ Lenders!

We have the Best Funding Options available for you!

We are sure to get you the terms available, all at your choosing.

(16% Backend Fee) After Funding


The Money Kingdom always uses the easy way to get Funding for Customers.
If you go to a Bank or any Lender to get funding, it will take a couple of months to complete the process.

The Money Kingdom gets funding for You in just 1-5 Business  days(Average 1-2 days) with some simple required documents:

1) Colored and signed copy of Front/Back of Social Security Card

2) Colored Copy of Front/Back Driver's License

3) Utility Bill(Gas, Electricity, Water)

4) Proof Of Income-2 recent copies of Pay stubs, Or, W2s(Tax Returns If Self-Employed.)


Personal Loans-24-60 Months Term. On an average 12% Interest Rate(Unsecured Cash Loans)

Here at THE MONEY KINGDOM, we help our clients obtain personal loans that traditional loans might not cover.

Some even use our loans to fund events such as:



Moving Expenses

Major Purchases


Business Purposes


We Only Get Paid If You Get Paid!

You Pay Us Directly.




Step 1)

Check your Credit

Check your credit at a credit monitoring site that uses all 3 credit bureaus. Preferably

Must have a 670+ FICO score to qualify.


Email us your credit report

Email us your credit report or credit monitoring service login to Make sure to include your name, phone number, and funding amount.


Match with lender

We’ll get you an approval within 24 hours. Make sure to check your email!


Most banks will close in about 1-5 Business days.(Average 1-2 days)

Apply right now or give us a call if you have any questions.

Contact Us Now To Apply.

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Loan Products:

We have many loan options for our clients. Our loan products include Personal loans, or, Credit card funding

Personal funding ranges from $25,000 to about $250,000 and can come in a variety of the above products. We advise our client to send us a copy of their most recent credit report with all 3 credit bureaus to see what we can get you qualified for.

We will try to tailor your funding to how you need it in terms of a loan, credit cards, line of credit or equipment financing.

Email us your credit report or credit monitoring service login to along with your name, contact number and funding amount in order to apply.


Why Us:

Let us tell you about the many reasons we are the right choice!

Why Choose The Money Kingdom?

The Money Kingdom is a great source for a variety of lenders who can help you the funding you need for your business or personal

matter so you can focus on your business or yourself, and not worry about money.

We specialize in making the funding process easy by walking you through our process. Once you apply, we can have an approval for you in 24hrs or less. Funding takes about 1-5 DAYS.(Average 1-2 days)


If you have a 670+ Credit Score or higher, we can get you funding from $25,000 to $250,000 in personal funding.


We get paid based on getting you funding.So, if we cannot get you funding, we do not get paid.


We are experts in getting clients funding, we also work with hundreds of lenders to get you approved.


***BACK END FEE 16%*** due after Funding


How To Get A Credit Report:

Send us a credit report showing all 3 credit bureaus to our email. If you don’t know where to get a credit report we suggest, It's easy to read and cost only $1.
Either send us a copy of your credit report in a Word or PDF file or, send us your username, password so we can login and get you a Pre-Approval in 24HRS.

Our Funding team is here for you 10AM to 6PM (EST) M-F, 11AM-6PM(SAT-SUN).

Leave a message for after hours! We’ll get back to you!


CALL US AT (904) 800-7971


Unsecured Personal Cash Installment Loans


Program Highlights:

Personal Installment Loan Program

Same Day Approval, No Upfront Fees!

670+ Credit Score Required(The higher your score, the more money you qualify for)


Funding In 5 Business Days(Average 1-2)

Our Relationship With Lenders Are Second To None

16% BackEnd Fee Due After Funding


Please Complete Our Ten Question Pre-Qualification Application Below For A 24HR Pre-Approval Amount.

***Disclaimer***  Pre-approval means you meet the basic criteria for a Personal Loan. The answers to your questions with the pre-approval process must be verified by the documents we request afterwards such as pay stubs, W2s, bank statements, etc for the actual approval to be issued along with the terms of the loan. Funding time is anywhere from 1-5 days and is dependent on the borrower cooperating and sending the proper documents to The Money Kingdom to close the loan. In most cases the borrower is responsible for how fast the Personal loan closes and how fast their checking account is funded.  The Money Kingdom reserves the right to change or modify their Pre-approval criteria for a Personal Loan at any time along with any other data or information listed on this site, and some exceptions could be possible

After Being Pre-Approved,The Following Documents Are Required To Process Your Loan Request:

*Copy of Your most recent Utility Bill in your name

*Two(2) Most Recent Paystubs

*Last Year's W-2

*Color copy pic of your Social Security Card

*Voided Personal Check In Your Name

*Make sure all four(4) Corners are visible with each copy

Apply With The Best! Get Funded Like The Rest!







Questions About Our Services/Funding?

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