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We are dedicated to supporting entrepreneurs and small business owners.



Our Private Capital Investment Program has 2 unique products that allow small and medium sized businesses to compete with big businesses to compete with big businesses. Read on to learn about these 2 great products only we offer! The Best part? They can be used for any industry! Approvals and funding in 6hrs to UNDER 5 DAYS!


We call them our ACHCA and MCA Programs!

An Accounts Receivable Cash Advance(ACHCA) or Merchant Cash Advance(MCA) is a way to get money without getting a ‘loan.” In essence, we buy some amount of your business’ credit card or debit card receivables from a later date. Although we buy these at a later date, you get the CASH NOW. Then, instead of having your business pay a big monthly payment like it would with a loan, a certain percentage of your business’ future revenue is deducted automatically until the original cash amount is paid back.

Accounts Receivable Advance(ACHCA) include:

1.) Good credit is not needed, nor does poor credit reflect on you getting less cash. It is not about you and your credit. It is about your Business Cash Flow!
2.) The amount you pay is low on low sales days and higher on high sales days keeping cash flow positive, or, we can be flexible and agree to set a pay back amount and schedule.
3.) No high monthly payments and no set maturity date which gives you more flexibility  where agreed cash terms and future receivables payout is clearly defined so there are no surprises, no accumulating interest monthly so you can pay off faster.

4.) Our program DOES NOT require your business to do CREDIT CARD PROCESSING.
5.) You only to be in Business for at least 3 months!
6.) Will not go against your credit. It is not a loan, so it won’t show up when you go apply for credit.
7.) Faster than a loan, get approved and funded in 6hrs to 5 days!
8.) We can negotiate percentages of future receivables to create funding environments that help you grow.

Imagine The Possibilities!

You Can:
1.) Invest into your Marketing Program
2.) Pay off suppliers
3.) Get Positive cash flow in your business
4.) Buy Equipment
5.) Increase inventory, or buy equipment when it is cheap
6.) Remodel
7.) Hire people
8.) Expand, or even use the money in another business venture
9.) Finish projects
10. Anything you want!

What makes these 2 products that only we offer so unique is that they are not a credit based program, so, regardless of past credit, bankruptcies, or time in business, you QUALIFY!

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